Code of conduct

Our mission

Ratio Web Co is a self-organizing team of specialists acting in accordance with principles of transparency and in the spirit of democracy. Our goal is the creation of engaging workplaces in which we ourselves wish to work, implementing ambitious and creative IT solutions therein. All Ratio Web members bear the freedom of expression and the opportunity for an active contribution towards (both influence and evaluation of) processes occurring within the company. In our line of work, as in all the projects we carry out or participate in, we emphasize the support for pro-social and pro-environmental movements, along with the abidance and respect for human and animal rights. We recognize an extension of these values in an active support and propagation of unrestricted and open-source software.


1. Mutual respect

Trust and mutual respect are the basis of all relations, both within our team and when dealing with associates and clients. Thanks to this, we believe a positive working environment encouraging a capable team is established.

  • Everybody is treated with respect • We use a friendly and outgoing languages
  • All behaviours conceivably interpreted as offensive and/or inappropriate are to be avoided
  • We honour different experiences, perspectives and points of view

2. Absence of discrimination

We appreciate a diversity of team members and associates. We require compliance with all applicable anti-discriminatory, equality and participatory rules. All decisions concerning employees and associates - such as employment, payroll, posts, disciplinary matters, conditions of work and its termination – are defined by the abilities and skills of a given person, not irrelevant personal factors unrelated to professional qualifications.

  • We do not discriminate: we assess strictly on the grounds of individual talent, qualifications and experience
  • All requirements concerning workstations and decisions regarding employment have to be based on rightful business grounds.
  • We object to all forms of discrimination with regard to sex, identity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnic background, religion and/or choice of technology.
  • We honour different experiences, perspectives and points of view